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"Ad after first answer" doesn't appear in questions without any answers. This is an issue to Adsense users because you can't have more than 3 Adsense ads per page.

I have one ad at top, one below question, and the one after first answer. Questions with answers display 3 ads. However, questions without answers can only display 2.

Activating "ad after all answers" with "ad after first answer" results in 4 ads.

Suggested solutions

1. "Ad after first answer" should also be displayed when the question has no answers yet.

2. Optional checkbox "display ad if question has no answers"

Q2A version: 1.8 beta 1
closed with the note: "Ad after 1st answer" is compatible with "ad after all answers". When a question has only one answer one of them is hidden.
Sorry, I can't do. That makes no sense to me.
I agree with  arjunsuresh.
"Ad after 1st answer" is missing an option to display banner if question has no answers. If you change this and allow hiding "ad after all answers" if "no answers", then both "ad after 1st answer" and "ad after all answers" can be active at the same time.
After testing, I noticed "ad after all answers" is compatible with "ad after 1st answer". They don't stay on top of each other when a question has one answer. I apoligize for the inconvenience.