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Add new user type

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asked Feb 19 in Q2A Core by swjaco11
edited Feb 19 by swjaco11

I want to add new user type (dev) to my Q2A  System. I`m added this to language file and qa-base define block nothing change. How I can do this? Thanks!
Q2A version: 1.7.4
commented Feb 19 by pupi1985
What is a "rank"? An image is worth a thousand words...
commented Feb 19 by swjaco11
Type:    Registered user
This type. I want to create a new type, developer.
commented Feb 19 by pupi1985
That's called a USER LEVEL. You will need to edit app/users.php and pages/user-profile.php. Anyway, you're playing with fire: you're adding new roles with new permissions. Be careful with that

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