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People are not asking or answering on my website...any solution?

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asked Jul 3 in Q2A Core by Zeeshan
Many people are registering on my website but they are not asking any questions neither answering it...and they not spam....how can I make them like they can ask and answer ?

5 Answers

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answered Jul 5 by questfor
Maybe they're just users that registered to reply or comment in the future. One thing you can try is send them a newsletter or a notification message if they authorized you to do so.
Link them to a presentation thread or something like that and evaluate if visits and comments on that page increased.

You can also check if they have posted spam in their profile wall or not as many of them just register to leave backlinks in their profiles.
commented Jul 5 by Zeeshan
I am checking everything no one posting any links whenever I find any spam I delete it very quickly..and thanks for your suggestions.
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answered Jul 5 by MONKEY
maybe you have spam
commented Jul 5 by Zeeshan
No I understand from their indian names and emails they are real.
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answered Jul 5 by retronoodle
Market to them, use other tools like social media to keep your site fresh in their mind.

It's also possible that they don't currently have any questions, or they registered to be able to vote, etc.
commented Jul 5 by Zeeshan
I'm using auto posting to social media...but they just read it and don't get involved in it.
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answered Jul 9 by TriciaB
Invite people to ask questions and answers. Give points for the best answers. Create leaderboards and give away coupons.
commented Jul 9 by Zeeshan
Yeah thanks...but I think I need more traffic then my site will work
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answered Jul 16 by Shrisun
70% Indian Users are money minded, so you just post that you will give ₹100 for 1000 points. Ping me your mail id so that I can give you lot many tricks regarding this...
commented Jul 16 by Zeeshan
Hmmm okay thanks...
commented Jul 17 by j.kargo89
I have also sent you pm regarding this
commented Jul 18 by Zeeshan
@j.kargo89   I didn't received any pm from you