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Is there an editor for private messaging? one where you can attach images (I mean only private messaging)?

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asked Jul 24 in Plugins by MONKEY

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answered Aug 7 by JackSiro
selected Aug 7 by MONKEY
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Hey I finally have a plugin where you can use an editor as you had requested as 

You can get it from here: https://github.com/JackSiro/Q2A-PM-Adapter-Plugin

This plugin is not free. You can get it for just $15 which is payable to my paypal jaksiro@gmail.com

commented Aug 7 by MONKEY
I'm going to pay for this. I ask you if you can work on outstanding questions where you see a random of different highlights with horizontal scrolling, the question information and the user's avatar. everything being observed from above as static row of first question or right side panel
commented Aug 7 by MONKEY
great plugin
commented Aug 8 by MONKEY
Jack I have a problem says to click again to send. my q2a is 1.7.4 and I tried it in 1.8 and the same thing happens. please correct and send me the correct plugin.

Only IS this .please help
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answered Jul 27 by nathanluise92
it should be as I know
commented Jul 28 by MONKEY
I will give you a little medal
commented Jul 28 by arjunsuresh
I dont think it'll be difficult to add an editor for messaging as Q2A already uses it at other places. I have used it for sending Notice. Will try this on private messaging.
commented Jul 28 by MONKEY
Hi, if you succeed, I would always be grateful
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answered Jul 28 by JackSiro
I already have that implemented in my q2a site forked to fit my own needs. Maybe I can get you a plugin to let you use an editor in private messaging and off course not for free