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I was wondering, how can I remove the brackets from the category counts?

I have categorymenu in the sidepanel, but I dont like the brackets that are around the numbers...

I have pinpointed the following piece of code:


            if (strlen(@$navlink['note']))
                $this->output('<SPAN CLASS="qa-'.$class.'-note">'.$navlink['note'].'</SPAN>');



the counts are given by $navlink['note']

but this isn't raw data, it includes also the brackets... I don't want that...

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The best way is to use an advanced theme which overrides the appropriate function and uses strtr(...) on $navlink['note'] to remove the brackets. It can then call through to the default function using PHP's :: notation.

Oh well, in the end I have used something similiar:


$catcount = substr(@$navlink['note'], 1); //remove first character or bracket
$catcount = substr($catcount, 0, -1);  //remove last character or bracket

if (strlen(@$navlink['note']))
    $this->output('<SPAN CLASS="qa-'.$class.'-note">'.$catcount.'</SPAN>');

This removed the brackets.

That code has to be placed just after the else statement in function nav_link in the advanced theme.