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Hello! Installed Q2A a few days ago and trying to figure out how to make my site sharable. Right now I can only see it via localhost..how do I change that and make it public?

Apologies if this has been asked already!

Thank ya
Q2A version: 1.8

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If you are hosting in localhost then its not available for users from other network or Internet. To make it accessible please host site via hosting providers. Once you have a domain name you can share your beautiful site to all
Thank Donutlover for responding..I actually figured it out watching a YT video yesterday..I created a sub directory, uploaded files, created database, and configured through my webhost...silly me it took a few days for me took understand the installation instructions. I appreciate you giving me help it means alot
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You dont need a hosting provider if your router is able to support dyndns. Basically, any dynamic DNS provider will give you a domain name and this will map to your IP - but most of the IPs will be changing over time. A router supporting dynamic DNS will automatically sync with the dyndns provider whenever your IP changes. In short, you can make your localhost work like a normal site. This is useful for testing purpose and not recommended for production use unless you have power and internet backup.
I assume he is a beginner in site development and it would be a tricky one going for dyndns
Thank ya @arjunsuresh for your comment!! Since I have a domain name already set up for  q2a I wanted to use and being that I can keep it simple and just link it with my web host why not just do that. Btw I'm in the process of setting up a DynDns but it's more for a virtual project which I can't upload into my web host.

Thank ya so very much for ya help!!