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I kindly ask you to write down your ideas for new COMMON q2a plugin development. Not plugin that is just specific to you website, but COMMON for majority of q2a website owners.
Q2A version: 1.7.5

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A good edit approval plugin. Means one can give any set of users Edit permission but all edits must be approved by the post owner or Admin. They should be able to visualise the changes as in diff and approve or disapprove
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Actually I have newly designed draft-edit plugin for one of my customer. Edit functionality of this plugin partly does what you are saying. After a user edits his/her post and completes edition. There will be pre-edit and post-edit (current) versions of the post. The user/admin can see both versions comparatively on the same page. Plus, it also checks if title, content,  and tags have been changed or not. But it lacks of approval/disapproval functionality.
You may check this plugin at

For USER-LEVEL demo:  https://www.e-dostluk.com/q2a-demo/  

user: deneme_11    
pass: test1234

user: test9    
pass: test1234
you can look for posts that have been edited. Some posts have been edited before the plugin was created and activated. For these posts the pre-edit version will not be available. So, look recently edited posts.
Thank you. The user is able to see the edits -- but I couldn't see the exact changes as in a diff command. And actually I believe the approval is the main requirement so that anyone can safely become an editor.
yes currently users are able to see it. It was part my customer's request. However it can be amended easily.  By diff do  you mean a new function that will shos exact difference ?! Yes, I do not have approval/disapproval functionality currently thats why I said partly.  Yeah it seems we will need much work to implement it.
This is a missing feature in Q2A indeed. The Edit History does a great job in revision history and comparing the edits: https://github.com/svivian/q2a-edit-history

@esqeudero: Consider making your edit approval plugin open-source so that other developers like me can add such features.
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A widget plugin to display my favorite tags with ability to add and remove tags from this list in the widget.
Yes it can be implemented.
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I would like to see plugin that allows adding custom post types. I noticed that Q2A users ask for solution to allow not just posts in form of questions but blog posts, tutorial posts, news post and other that require a bit different look and functionality than questions.

Plugin should be simple:

- allow user to create new post type

- allow new buttons in menu for viewing each specific type.

- allow user to set if answers or comments are allowed for specific post type

- allow user to customize displaying of specific post type
I guess there is already a Blog Post Plugin that partly addresses to issue what you are saying.
But I prefer to make categories for "blogs", "tutorials", "news", and etc, instead of altering new post types for each.
It is not just mater of selecting different posts but handling posts differently. New post types are more appropriate way to do that.
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One for plugin developers: there should be method that provides plugin its own directory.

There is option to get root directory of all plugins but if plugin needs to access some file in his own directory it must to hard code directory name. Problem is that user who installed plugin may change directory name where plugin is set and cause malfunction.

If there is method for plugin to ask "what is directory where I am installed?" that would be avoided.
"QA_HTML_THEME_LAYER_URLTOROOT" will lead the pathway to any file.

*** you can change plugin name before installing it. It should not conflict with qa-plugin.php.
I guess i did not explain it properly.

I meant having function that returns stringo containing path to directory where specific plugin is installed.
@pedjas you get that from the load_module function in your plugin, from the $directory variable.
See http://docs.question2answer.org/plugins/modules/
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1. When viewing "n" questions, ask anonymous users to log in or register. (Close the viewport and show the form using js).

2. By adding a question to the category, the user automatically subscribes to the email newsletter of the latest/top questions in this category.

3. Endless scrolling. Tape issues at home/in the category. Automatically move to the next question. With Infinite scroll search-friendly recommendations from Google. Or load more automatically/using the "show more" button"

4. Display on the user's page "n" last / number of answers / votes/most viewed questions

5. Plugin that allows you to solve the issue with blobs here. Replacing the url in the source code of the generated page. For an example: from /?qa=blob&qa_blobid=14689700981005438261 to /qa-folder/year/month/14689700981005438261.jpg 

6. Subscription widget (list of categories and tags). After authorization, the user sees a personal list of all interesting categories of tags

7. Number of subscribers in the profile. Ability to see your subscribers.

8. Ability to ask a question anonymously (without logging out).

9. Notifications on the site: new answer/vote/comment/ etc.

10. Ability to see who read the question /who voted.

11. Ability to put like / dislike for comments. When viewing a question to choose-see all comments/best (with a lot of likes)

1. Might not be in COMMON interest
2. Good idea. Should be done by core.
3. It might be good for SEO. It can be offered optionally at admin setting of q2a by core.
4. There is already "All Answers", "All Questions", and "All Activities" in the user page. But I guess you mean "All Answers" shows only title of question, not the answer content written by the user. Am I right ? In my website I have fixed it. I guess it should be fixed by core as well.
You can check at:
***It is in Turkmen language. "Entry" is label for questions, "Teswir" is for answers, "Jogap" for comments.
5. This seems to be the main issue that should be done by core. 123.jpg format is also good in terms of SEO and performance.
6. Favorite functionality can do the subscription tasks. See MyFavs-Gyzgyn plugin. It adds my favorite tags, my favorite categories widget. If you want to see all questions relating to your favorited tags (especially when fav tags are more than one) in one q_list, then this plugin does not do this. But it can be augmented. It is open-source at github.
7. Subscribers/Followers/Fans. This can be done by querying how many users has favorited the USER-A. With simple plugin it can be done. If it is implemented by core, it would be better as it might be in Common interest.
8. I guess this is available. You just need to set on admin side settings. Am I wrong?
9. There is a notification plugin available for this.
10. This can be done by plugin. If it is implemented by core, it would be better as it might be in Common interest. But it will kill some performance of website.
11. Like/Dislike in q2a is up/down vote. It can be just renamed. But functionality will be same.
12. There is just a plugin that sends email to all users, but I am not sure if it sends email to group of users. But it can be done by plugin.
13. Same comments as 12.
Yeah, the core would be better. 10. I agree, but more social, you can sign up for those who have the issue. 13. Categories and tags (interests) can be different, the e-mail newsletter should also be different.

How do I ask developers for new functionality in the core ?
point 5 - very important, I have 100k+ images in ONE folder now. It's really uncomfortable and destroying performance on bigger sites like mine!
@Piotr Unless you have billions of images, chances of having 100k images in ONE directory are extremely closer to 0% rather than 1%. I bet you're not using the same approach to store images that the official Q2A version provides.

What is the name of that directory?
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12. Sending email to groups of users.

13. Sending email to users by categories / tags.

Clarification for 4. Display on the user's page "n" last / number of answers /votes/most viewed questions.

I meant to display a list of questions.
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User blocking for a specific time.
For example, block a user for 24 hours.
There is premium plugin that offer block/unblock users to send you messages. There is no specific time, but you can unblock the user manually at any time.