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Need a shortcode for google adsense

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asked Dec 3 in Plugins by rahulkukreja
Please provide a guide to create a shortcode to insert google adsense code into answers. I want to show ads in the between of answers.
commented Dec 3 by Scott
What do you mean by shortcode? And where are you expecting to put this shortcode?
commented Dec 4 by arjunsuresh
I think he wants to add like [Adsense] and this should be replaced by Adsense code
commented 1 day ago by rahulkukreja
You are right

2 Answers

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answered Dec 4 by chongshengdz

just go to admin=>plugin and enable Basic AdSense at the top of the page.

and then go to layout to add a widget anywhere you like. 

commented Dec 4 by rahulkukreja
I want to insert the Adsense code in between of the answers.
commented Dec 4 by chongshengdz
that is not ok, because, if you have 10 answers, then it will insert 10 times.
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answered Dec 5 by fara