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I have fed up of this community because there are many problems with this platform. Developers are not supporting anymore, no new themes and plugins. It feels like I'm in a rabbit hole.

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It depends on you . if you are like head of your page, I can not imagine it of your life

if what you see on your page is low activity and a nefarious design. do not expect better results ...
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Sorry you feel that way. Unfortunately there are not many developers in this community and many non-developers. So it’s difficult to help everyone, especially if you have unusual or complex requests. That’s just how it is in a relatively small open source project. You can’t expect others to do everything for you.

However, it doesn’t help when you ask the same question multiple times in the space of a few days... it just wastes everyone’s time. Be patient and hopefully someone will answer eventually.
> You can’t expect others to do everything for you.

This is what you learn with q2a, and it is actually gold to become a better developer! I saw it as a disadvantage when I started in 2012, now I am grateful having learned so much.

And wtf, "no new themes and plugins" is not true, few months ago I have released all my plugins for free: https://github.com/q2apro?utf8=%E2%9C%93&tab=repositories&q=&type=source&language=