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Is it possible to search unanswered question for a certain tag?
it would be great to have a tag filter (and maybe also category filter) for all type of questions pages.
-    unanswered questions
-    all activities
-    questions
-    hot
-    most votings
-    most answers
-    most views
- ....

anyone has seen this somewhere as a plugin maybe?
I'm looking for the same thing. Search for text on the selected tag or category.

Someone from development q2a  knows how to do it?

Any suggestions?  Thanks
You can surely do this if you modify the core. Specifically in qa-include/db/selects.php you can see various select specs. On search, you can take in a tag also as argument and do this.
Can it be done by a plugin, without touch the core? Is there some plugin to go and start?
Yes, being search you can do it without modifying the core. This is a tagsearch plugin which I made like that. Most of the code here is simply copy pasted from Q2A core.

I've seen your plugin, thank you very much for everything !

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No, not directly I'm afraid. You would have to browse questions with that tag for those labelled with 0 answers.
It should be a plugin to do some types of advanced search: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/13114/feature-request-expert-search