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I want to allow anonymous questions and answers on my Q&A site only if the user accepts the terms and conditions (similar to user registration). Basically, I want a checkbox shown wherever the captcha is shown.

I'm aware that I can display a custom message, but I'm not sure if that is sufficient for consent under the GDPR.

Is there an option to enable such a checkbox? Or a plugin?
Q2A version: 1.8.4
Terms and conditions are part of agreement between two or more parties.

If you allow anonymous posts, who are you agreeing with?
The party posting (whoever they are) agrees to the terms for posting.

StackOverflow does the same thing to allow anonymous contributions.

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After some digging it looks like what I want is to expand the notice that accompanies the captchas displayed for anonymous questions/answers. That text seems to be generated by this line in qa-include/app/captcha.php:

$notehtml = qa_insert_login_links(qa_lang_html('misc/captcha_login_fix'));

So I assume I need to patch that call, or maybe patch the additional text into qa-include/lang/qa-lang-misc.php.

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Extend register/login note on captchas
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Maybe you use to this plugin,


do you accept the site terms? You can ask for the answer Y or yes.


logical-captcha doesn't look like what I need. I'm not looking to replace the captcha with a confirmation checkbox, but include a note saying that the user agrees to the ToS when they click the "send" button.
As for stop-spam: I'm definitely not going to pay for a captcha.
Ah. OK, I'll give it a try then. The link to the plugin in the post you linked to was dead, so I didn't look further.
No, stop-spam is also not what I'm looking for. Some of the other plugins look interesting, though, so thanks anyway.