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For few days google page speed is showing only "?" . I can not understand why i am watching this for my site. Does it hamper my site ranking ? How can I fix this?

The result screen shot is bellow 

Q2A version: 1.8.4

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Field data means the cumulative data of real users who browse your site.

Lab data is something temporary, or at the moment you are testing.

Field data may need a month to collect if your site is new or if you've requested Google to recalculate your Core Web Vitals report.
I mean to say why google page speed inside is showing "?" instead of number
Not enough data!
How to solve this ?
You don't need to solve cause it's not a problem. Just let days go by, and Google have more data to calculate and show it to you.
Thank you so much. I was in tension for this.