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SnowFlat/qa-styles.css 630ms

SnowFlat/qa-styles.css 930ms

qa-content/qa-global.js?1.8.5 180 ms

js/snow-core.js?1.8.5   180 ms

Because the ? in the end

What function does it have?
The idea of putting some pseudo elements after the question mark is to force the user's browser to download the newer version of the script instead of loading from cached local drive.

Since there is usually not much difference between closely-released versions, it nearly won't change Google pagespeed results.

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The ? in the URL is used to ensure a unique URL when the file changes. In other words, when a new version of Q2A comes out, your users will get the updated Javascript.

It doesn't cause any slow down itself, if your files are loading slowly it's likely due to a slow server.

Edit: however I did notice on your site you have the qa-styles.css appearing 5 separate times in the HTML! This will cause 5 different requests, so you should fix your theme to ensure you're only loading the CSS once.

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The part behind the question mark in a URL is called "query." It's basically the arguments you're passing to the page or script you're calling. In this case you're passing the Q2A version number to the scripts qa-global.js and snow-core.js respectively.