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My Q2A installation is not about coding or programming, and my users never know about Stackoverflow and its layout. They use my site like the way they use Facebook.

I find out their behavior this way: when they post a question and get an answer, they will always make it as the best answer. Initially, I think it's a coincidence, but after some time, I realize that they think the tick mark is equivalent to a heart icon in Facebook. They never vote up an answer.

If they see a post, and don't like it, they click on the flag button instead, simply because they think the post is not appropriate like the tooltip says. However this behavior causes those posts to be hidden and awaiting for moderation.

I then turned off the best answer function, but how should I deal with the flag issue?
So, you want to turn the flag system off?right?
Hmm, not really, but will accept this as a last resort.

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