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i want show question list for every tags on question page

for example i have question with 'php' and 'seo' tags

i want show list of questions for 'php' and list for 'seo' question
Q2A version: 1.8.3
Clicking on any tag will already take you to a list of the questions with that tag. If that isn't what you want: please elaborate.
i know that , but this will help to lower bonce rate
Look, buddy, it's very unlikely that you'll get the answer you're looking for if you can't make clear what it is you're looking for. Currently I have no idea what result you're trying to get here.
for example this question have 'plugins' tag , i want show 10 questions that used 'plugins' tag.
Do you want that for all tags? That would probably clutter the page pretty fast unless you have only a very limited number of tags. And if you don't want all tags, how do you intend to select which ones should be on the page and which ones shouldn't? Also, how do you intend to select the questions to display? Whatever your criteria, you'll probably want to write a custom page module for it (https://docs.question2answer.org/plugins/modules-page/).
it will show like related question
Ah, so all questions should show links to x number of questions from each of the question's tags in the sidebar? AFAICS you need to write a widget module for that (https://docs.question2answer.org/plugins/modules-widget/). I don't think there's a simpler way to achieve your goal in Q2A.

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