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I am not a developer but a good student. I want to show users list page only for expert or above level admins, i have searched this official website and google but i cant find the solution.

But some time ago i did it,   not remember the code how i did it, something code in top of "users.php" file like .....

broken codes

"user_check if not , expert level users or above

return user - /

Please provide me a solution? how i did it now?

Q2A version: Latest Version 1.85

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if (qa_is_logged_in() && (qa_get_logged_in_level() >= '50')) {

// codes to show to users whose roles are at least an editor


else {



Is it possible to block unapproved users from sending private messages? I have a problem with my site, users register and without approval (registered users) they are able to send private spam messages. I would like only users at the approved or expert level to be able to send messages