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It's fantastic that Q2A has already been translated into so many languages, and I'd love to be able to make it easy for people to set up new non-English sites without having to translate everything for themselves.

So... if you would like to make your translation available for others, I'd appreciate it if you could place a .zip file of the language directory (from inside qa-lang) somewhere on your site and then post the link here.

So long as the translation is complete, I'll also add it to the main Q2A site here: http://www.question2answer.org/install.php#addons


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Hi everybody !
I placed here: http://zapytaj.co.pl/?download=lang_pl polish language files for Q2A. There is also short instruction how to install it. I will try to place here files when the new versions will come.
Thanks very much! I also posted the link at the page below - let me know if you would like a better acknowledgement (I don't know your name!):
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I'm preparing the dutch version and when satsified I will post the zip on http://www.laptopvraag.nl. Just to share in case other people are searching for the dutch version so we can prevent double work on this.
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Just upload the spanish language files for Q2A 1.2.1. on http://www.charlaenlinea.com/preguntanonima/es.zip