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Google SearchConsole is showing error in my sitemap. My sitemap URL looks like this: https://example.com/sitemap.html (that's how it was generated by the plugin). What can I do to fix it?

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I'm using XML Sitemap v2.1.1 plugin and my url structure in Admin > General is first one (123/why-do-birds-sing).
Q2A version: 1.8.5.
Can you post the error detail?
"The sitemap can be read but contains errors
Unsupported file format"
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can you give me the sitemap url which is report error and pluginurl of your site ?I will check it manualy.
PS: sitemap plugin 2.1.1 is seperate question urls into different files, you should not submit the plugin url to google, and you should submit the urls in it to google.
Generally, the plugin will not generate url like:https://example.com/sitemap.html
Ok @zhao, I did as you told and now it's correct. I submitted urls in plugin to google instead of plugin url (https://example.com/sitemap.html). Now it looks fine. Thank you

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