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Yes , but admin has the option to disable question editing
Thanks, I can't seem to find how to do this. in permissions I think it lets you disable users editing questions but not their own....
Users should *always* have the ability to edit their own posts. It's their own content after all.
But the community belongs to site-owner and he /she have to check every questions posted as every community has some guidelines and users have to follow them , to make community better moderation is quite neccessary , and moderator have not that much of time to check same question again and again after every edit .
Does i am wrong ? comment
note:: My home country is india and english is not my native language hence there will be many grammitcall mistake please ignore that
I think the question should not be editable after other users answer on it.
Content that violates laws or site rules may require an admin/moderator to step in, yes. But that should be the exception, not the rule. In general users should be able to edit their own posts. Otherwise comments would be the only way to provide clarification to unclear questions (or answers). Which is a terrible practice, as it makes content needlessly difficult to understand.
In q2a we can moderate question or answer from users with low point and in most cases the user having less points spam , on my site i moderate from points below then 800 and others are auto posted