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How to copy only Users, Content, and User statistics from the old Q2A website to the new Q2A?

I don't want the outdated plugins from the older Q2A versions and the database info created by them.
It is not needed now. My site was cached somewhere and unusable. Now it works fine.

I used only the 'Cloudflare' and 'Q2A's Cache' functions only. The cache was disabled on Cloudflare. The Memcached, opcache functions are also disabled. It is not a browser cache as well.

I asked my hosting provider as well, they had no clue as well. And today I found out that they had added a cPanel Plugin - LiteSpeed Web Cache Manager. I cleared the cache on it. And my site works fine now.

I asked the hosting provider to disable it. https://i.imgur.com/iR9Nt7g.png

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