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Hey Q2A Developers...

I'm Using Both Hindi and Hinglish Language in My Question Title. I Have Already Enabled 10 Similar Question Suggestion, When User Asking The Question.

But, When User Asking The Already Asked Question, The Exact Match Of Question is Showing in the Similar Question Suggestion List (Sometimes 1st, Middle Or Bottom in the List).

But, Many Times The Exact Match Question is Not Showing, While Same Question is Already Asked. Due To That Many Duplicate Question is Posted on My Q&A Website.

I Want The Exact Match of Question Suggestion Will Showing at First Position When User Asking The Already Asked Question.

It is Very Difficult To Find Duplicate Question And After Change/Deleting it.

Please Help.

Q2A version: 1.8.5
Please, provide step by step instructions on how to reproduce this (including the specific data you input).
Hi @Pupi,
Thanks For The Response...
My Website is in Hindi Language. So, I'm Using Hindi & Hinglish in Question Title.

When User Asking the Question, Similar Question Suggestion is Showing Before Asking the Question. But, Sometimes the Exact Matched Question is Already Asked But in the Similar Question Suggestion List, That Question is Not Showing.

For Example-

Question - "प्रकाश क्या है? Prakash Kya Hai?" is Already Asked by Any Users, But When Another User Asking the Same Question "प्रकाश क्या है? Prakash Kya Hai?" Again, in the Similar Question Suggestion List, This Question is Not Showing.

That's Why Many Duplicate Question is Asked on My Website. It is Very Difficult to Find Duplicate Question and Then Deleting it.

I Just Want, If Any Question is Already Asked, Than That Question Should Show At The First Position in Similar Question Suggestion List During Asking The Question.

Looks good to me. I can't reproduce this:

The answer in search results in your site, when I look for that search string.

So the related questions is working fine. It is just an ordering issue. Ordering happens based on several variables. Exact match on titles is not one of them.

So things should work as expected. If you want a different sorting logic you will have to develop your own plugin that supports a custom search module.
Can you make this plugin for me. How much money you want for this?
You can get in touch with me by means of the Services section. However, I will ask you for the exact sorting algorithm that you would like to see in the search results. So far, all you've said is "Exact match first. Then the rest". Which doesn't make much sense either. Please, be extremely detailed about it
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