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I don't think that gameshampoo.com is full of real people posting, why this site is first in directory considering that in directory is written: "spammy sites excluded"

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EDIT: Oh just seen similar question at Related questions to this question, but still this is just not fair.
Yes the Q2A bot that finds the sites just looks at raw numbers, not site quality. Actually, site quality is pretty difficult to measure! I'm not sure exactly what gideon does to exclude "spammy" sites though.
My site has about 28.000 questions and about 600 registered users. But "Directory Section" does not include my site...
@fudicie You can submit your site here http://www.question2answer.org/bot.php

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Thanks for pointing this out - I've removed it from the directory, since it doesn't look like an organic Q&A site with a genuine user base. That, by the way, is the criterion. I know it sounds subjective, but in practice the difference is pretty stark.