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My site was suddenly dropped from the site directory. I have no idea why. It is a ligitimate and not spammy site.


I would appreciate someone taking a look if possible. Thanks.
Yeah I guess the top questions look a little better. Off-topic question: why is everything bold? It looks bad in my opinion.
To be honest, I didn't even notice that. Looked at the CSS and for some reason I had a bold style on everything. Just took it off and it looks much better. Thanks.
I'm going with the spammy vote as well:


I would guess allowing anonymous questions AND answers has got you on the spam radar.
I have had comments from a few of my higher users that they prefer to be able to answer anonymously because they don't want to appear to be showing off by answering to many questions under their username.  That is one of the reasons I have left the option of answering anonymously. I would say the majority of the questions and answers are fairly high quality. Again, when you are dealing with user generated content there is no guarantees. I try to catch what I can.  Thank you both for your comments. They are very helpful.

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