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i am creating  a network site , how i can achieve same points on both websites ,
In qa-config.php ,there is  a config for use same user table but not same point
hence , i am asking is any solution for this

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In order to achieve point sharing between sites you might need to re-write around 5% of the Q2A core. If you have a significant amount of time and a deep knowledge on PHP and Q2A, then you can achieve that. If not, the only answer that makes sense is "it is not possible".
I was thinking a plugin that overrides qa_db_points_update_ifuser() and qa_db_points_calculations() to query points from both databases might suffice, but even that would not be a trivial matter AFAICS. And it doesn't even address mapping users between the databases.
Yes, that's just one side of it. There are many issues to keep data in sync. This even involves custom plugins which might need to be updated as well. Also, whatever approach that is followed to implement this will, most likely, not going to be very performant. The function you mention is called with almost any write action executed by a user.

Not to mention we are assuming the sites are under the same MySQL instance.