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It would be nice to go straight to the page that has all the details when you ask a question.

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Excellent question! There isn't yet an option for this, but you can make it happen by replacing this line in qa-page-ask.php:

if (qa_clicked('doask1') || qa_clicked('doask2') || qa_clicked('doask3')) {

... with ...

if (true || qa_clicked('doask1') || qa_clicked('doask2') || qa_clicked('doask3')) {

Note that if you do this, no suggested example tags will appear, because those are calculated from the question title that is usually submitted in the previous page.
Perfect.. That is a trade-off I can live with.
Perfect, thank you!
Would be awesome if in a future version all could happen on one page with the help of Ajax. I think I've seen that on commercial support websites.