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q2a-badges widget do not work in q2a 1.7.4. Help me please

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It is working for me:

This means you are not properly configuring it in your site. Recheck the widget and plugin configuration.

It is still unclear for me. Event logger needed to be active BEFORE you received that badge. Enabling it now (after my comment) won't fix the issue.

1. Was the event logger enabled BEFORE or AFTER you receive the badge?

2a. Have you tried recalculating the badges AFTER enabling the event logger plugin?

2b. If you already have, what was the result?

3. Was the event logger logging to a file or to the DB at the time you received the badge?
This problem has been resolved. thank you.
Great. What was the issue and how did you solve it?
I could not solve it. I created a new badge page on the Ask Question page. I added this badge page to the main menu by link. Turkish style :)
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Widget is still empty offf