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Hi all,
I've been working in this simple plugin which, in a creativity crisis, I decided to call Random Avatar. The plugin randomly selects an avatar from a directory that contains avatar images and assigns it to new users during registration.
To make it short, just go the GitHub project and download it directly from there. There are also some notes that might be handy.
Q2A version: 1.6+
Wow!Very much appreciate it. will test it and let you know
Cool plugin and I have seen avatars you placed in the plugin but can we actually have an option to place avatars chosen by us??
I just tested it with 1.63 and qa 1.7 alpha.
also installed  qa open login on qa 1.7 alpha

In all three, RA - Random Avatar worked like a charm!

Thank you Gabriel
@Gurjyot Yes, you can place whatever you want in there. The given ones are just a sample :)
@Waterfr Good to know! Thanks you too
Wow! Great plugin and with the option of adding our own images too. Brilliant... Thanks pupi!!!

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