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Is there a way to get like a "Share" button to publish maybe a question/answer to facebook and/or Twitter?

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Sure - you can use something like AddThis, and paste the HTML code snippet they give you into the custom sidebar in Q2A's admin section.
I'm confused, "Add what?"
Oh wait I get it... Ok that wasn't really what I was talking about, I'd like to make it where people can share like a question on FB, or an answer. Or both...


Question: How do I get this girls attention?

Answer: Make a fool of yourself, that always works for me.

(share button) so you can share the entire question and answer on FB, and friends can LOL about it whatever. Or help get advice, or what not?
OK, well I understand what you're looking for, but I'm afraid it's not currently possible. Still, this kind of integration is a possibility for future versions, if there is sufficient demand.
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--Surprised Gidgreen didn't remember this--

I have done just this and have posted a tutorial on this site!


the same can be done with a Facebook share provided you add the proper CSS.

(this will post a link to the question on Twitter/Facebook along with the title of the question.)
Thank for posting and sorry I forgot about that!