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I would also like to insert a enter button in it.


Another thing is that I want to change the Add to favorite icon of the Green Theme. I could not find anything to do that.

Please help me.

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What I did on my site was:

File name: ga-include/qa-widget-ask-box.php

Added this line in red for ask box button:

<INPUT NAME="title" TYPE="text" CLASS="qa-form-tall-text" STYLE="width:90%;"> <INPUT CLASS=qa-form-tall-button qa-form-tall-button-ask" TYPE="submit" value="Ask">


This is exactly what I needed!
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Make a advanced theme 

Follow http://question2answer.org/themes.php this for process.

I am not an expert on this field. I am not sure whether I would be able to make a whole new theme.
However, I can change or edit from an existing theme.
You can simply change appearance of ask a box by changing qa-style.css of existing theme.
Use web developer tool of Browser to see which CSS property you want to change.
Is there any easier way for the text box thing?