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How to change the position of error box .

I have seen below property is responsible for error box styling and positioning  but i did'nt able to find this properyty in qa-theme-base.php

<div id="errorbox" class="qa-error" style="">

Currently it is above  <div id="q234" class="qa-q-list-item"> this property.

and i want to include error box in qa-q-list-item box

Q2A version: 1.5.1

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you must edit html in file qa-theme-base.php in qa-include. html and basic php skill required.

New updates can overwrite your settings.
But in qa-theme-base.php there is not any <div id="errorbox" class="qa-error" style="">  property.
That's right. Error box, I think you talking about 404 not found box, is in qa- main, means main page content div. This is harder to change. But, why you need it in qa-q-list-item box??? This is place for main menu only and other structure than any info box.
I have updated the question , please take a look at which box i am talking about.