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I want my users being abale to easily and hassle free attach an image to their posts. That means simply ataching or embedding an image with no need to sent the image to the server first. Is there a solution ( widget or a plug in yet?)
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Is there a solution?
Something nice, no.

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please read here:



you can setup an image upload page, then you could use the Embed Youtube Plugin to parse image URLs to embedded images (sets the <img> tag).
-> I guess the best way is to write your own plugin for that and release it here :)

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Today I find a way how to easily implement image upload service together with Markdown editor. The solution is universal and can be used with any text editor. 

Here is a link to short tutorial I made about how to implement file uploading. (File uploading is made by using external service)


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bump! plz answer this question!