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It would be great if there was an option so that instead of being emailed after every comment, the system sends a maximum of email every 24 hours. It would have a summary of all new activity for the user, in the questions/answers they chose.

I realize this cannot be done on its own in PHP - site owners would need to set up a scheduled task (cron job) to run a script every 24 hours. But it would be great to have the option :)
Excellent idea, too many emails are not welcome for most users.

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I just thought of an alternative that may work better - seeing your replies on the site itself, similar to Stack Overflow. It could be integrated into the user pages (only when the user looks at their own page, obviously), with a simple list like this:

<User> answered your question, [How do I do XYZ?]:
(then the beginning of their answer...)

<User>commented on your answer to [Where do I get ABC?]:
(then the start of their comment...)