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If you logged in via facebook clicking on facebook logout button does not fully log you out. It simply changes the facebook-loutoug to facebooklogin and yet you are still loggin in!!!!!

I just figured out what it actually does:

It logs us out of facebook but does not log out of q2a

Q2A version: 1.6.1
Having the same problem
do you also see weirdly large facebook f-login button?
Yes i can also see that but after logout started working this problem will be automatically be removed
Have you guys tested it in 1.6.2, the issue might have been addressed!
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Same BUG here, it does not work. One stays logged in. And no normal logout button anywhere. The list does not say that it had been adressed in 1.6.2
Besides there is another problem with the cookies a s I asked in another question, setting one single cookie domain in config as well does not work, may be the same problem somehow.



I changed the settimeout parameter in line 77 of qa-facebook-login.php to 1000, now it "seems" to work. But I think one never should be trapped in the still logged in situation, so a real solution is stil wanted...

setTimeout("window.location=<?php echo qa_js($tourl)?>", 1000);

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To logout from q2a the only way is to clear the cookies.
you can also logout by typing logout in front of site link example