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Take a look at the source code of your rendred Q2A pages by pressing Ctrl+u in your browser. It is an unorganized combination of inline css codes, java script and html right inside eacho other, very inefficient. Especialy if you have installed plugins. I wonder if anyone tried to seperate css, javascript codes from html codes.

I think it is bad for SEO isnt it?
Q2A version: 1.6.2

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per my reading, the consensus is:
aside from affect on pageload speed, presence of inline css + scripts doesn't detract from SEO
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I think Q2A is very SEO friendly. But improving page load time acording to Google PageSpeed Insights tool can affect your sites SEO score even more positive. So, I'm agree with Jay. Q2A pages rendering should been improved, if it's possible.

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In my opinion it will not / should not affect SEO however the cleaner code the better

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The HTML isn't particularly bad, it's pretty semantic. Perhaps it suffers a little from "divitis" but that is so that every element can be styled, it allows for much more flexibility in theming.

I don't see much in the way of inline CSS, though some plugins may add more. Most of my plugins actually give you the option to have CSS inline or let you put it in your Q2A CSS file.

The JavaScript is quite messy in my honest opinion. I've spoken with Gideon about it before and there are various technical reasons why it's like that, although it may be possible to make some improvements.

As for SEO, actually it will hardly make a difference. There is no direct benefit for having neater code. Page speed is a fairly small factor, and Q2A still loads very fast on the front end so I think there is no chance of it affecting SEO.