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Hi guys,

I am new member on the q2a community. I want use q2a script but I need a anything syntax highlighter(this is q2a web site for programmers).

I installed CKEditor. This is not running for initially. I searched and solve this problem, I added Admin->Plugins;

CKEditor Toolbar buttons replace to;

['RemoveFormat', 'Maximize']

and other conf. input replace this


Worked up here.

If I don't this replacing, CKEditor don't showing on the ask window.

After I am download to codemirror for CKEditor plugin and I did as he told his.. URL: http://ckeditor.com/addon/codemirror

Does't work up here.
If It is't  working I added conf input setting to,
Toolbar buttons,
Other conf.
So, It isn't working, still.
I don't know, Can't I this solve?
Where is the wrong my of steps?
I can't see. :(
Thank you for interest.
Good works..




Q2A version: 1.6.2

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