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After adding a new plugin on https://ckeditor.com ,  I can not upload images to the server,  i mean, you files work greats, this happens only after compiling new ckeditor, plz, what i can do?

Console :

[CKEDITOR] Error code: filetools-response-error.

  1. {responseText: "<script>window.parent.CKEDITOR.tools.callFunction(…ob&qa_blobid=14543321000963842475', '');</script>"}
    1. responseText:"<script>window.parent.CKEDITOR.tools.callFunction('', 'https:\/\/www.mywebsite.com\/answers\/?qa=blob&qa_blobid=14543321000963842475', '');</script>"
    2. __proto__:
      1. constructor:ƒ Object()
      2. hasOwnProperty:ƒ hasOwnProperty()
      3. isPrototypeOf:ƒ isPrototypeOf()
      4. propertyIsEnumerable:ƒ propertyIsEnumerable()
      5. toLocaleString:ƒ toLocaleString()
      6. toString:ƒ toString()
      7. valueOf:ƒ valueOf()
      8. __defineGetter__:ƒ __defineGetter__()
      9. __defineSetter__:ƒ __defineSetter__()
      10. __lookupGetter__:ƒ __lookupGetter__()
      11. __lookupSetter__:ƒ __lookupSetter__()
      12. get __proto__:ƒ __proto__()
      13. set __proto__:ƒ __proto__()

[CKEDITOR] For more information about this error go to https://docs.ckeditor.com/ckeditor4/docs/#!/guide/dev_errors-section-filetools-response-error
(anonymous) @ ckeditor.js?1.8.0:21



  • Location: plugins/filetools/plugin.js
  • Description: An error occurred when parsing the upload response. Text could not be parsed to JSON.
  • Additional data:
    • responseText: Upload response text.

Q2A version: 1.8.0
that is for drop images? - check this


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