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Hello everyone...

i want allow to users upload RAR Files...But CKEditor  do not have a button for this... how to i can add this ability to ckeditor
Q2A version: 1.7

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Indeed it is a nice feature. We can currently embed images and flash content (.swf files I guess). By embedding I mean being able to upload a file and automatically add the appropriate HTML to link to that uploaded file. The HTML representation in the case of images, e.g., is by means of <img> tags that allow the image to be seen in the post. The awkard thing here is uploading images is more complex than uploading files. Images themselves are files. So if you can upload images then you can upload files.

In order to being able to upload a file, apart from adding the necessary HTML in the post, it is needed the logic in the server to receive and store the file. The wysiwyg (CKEditor) Q2A plugin includes the image upload CKEditor plugin and the Q2A logic to receive and store file in Q2A. This means that, in technical terms, from a Q2A perspective, everything is already there.

So what is actually missing then? Basically, a plugin in CKEditor that would allow to upload a file (not necessary an image) and add its HTML representation, which I think it should be just a simple link to it in the post. I took a quick look at CKEditor plugins that have this feature and I found these:

They look really good and seem to be easy to integrate but they are not free. Integrating them doesn't seem to be complex, as I said before, most of the code is already there. But without being able to download and distribute these plugins then it won't be possible to add this feature. If someone finds a free and decent plugin maybe it could be added to the Q2A release in a near future.

I hope this clarifies the situation a little more.

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+1 Now, there is no buttons corresponding to the file type. You can upload any files by link button. However, I want dedicated button for uploading files too.