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Snow 1.4-beta is ready to roll. Soctt will make it available soon.
I want to say thanks for all helps and supports provided during the development to below people

Since I have start to work on Snow Theme 1.4 and all development updates you can find on http://snow.q2amarket.com/

To know the next update keep checking the topbar information.

I have already created many questions with different typs of content to check the styling and all Q2A Core elements. However I also need help from the community to test the theme and add required conent to the development project.

Few things I need at the startup:

  • At least 50-100 users in the list so if you can register with it, that would be great help to provide the list.
  • If you think that I left any type of question which is important, Please post it so during the styling I consider it as well.
  • Need some more tags, Most of the tags I have created for testing but to check the tags list page need some additional volume of tags.

If you are creating any question for the theme style testing than please add to the Theme Design category, else you can use any random category.

Once theme is ready, I will publish the databse to the community which will helps to the theme developers for testing according to the Q2A Standards. However I will remove all email address from the database before publish it.

Thanks for your help and support

Go to the site

Update 140312

Here is the very first update for Topbar and Main Nav. I am combining both to keep new design trend and make more space available to the view area.

Login form will be moved same as MaxControl Theme login section. I am thinking to add JoyRide as well same as MaxControl theme.

Heading and title fonts changed from Arial to Ubuntu in Snow 1.4.

I wil deploy on development site on this Saturday so you can test overthere.

I have just started and still long way to go, however feel free to provide your feedback by the time and if possible and fitting with my design concept I would try to consider it for this version.

Snow 1.4 Update

Update 140515

First of all sorry for being delay due to some other priority works.

You can see some more update on demo site. I have added sidebar for moble and changed main navigation menu for mobile.

Please let me know how it looks with Mobile?

Update 140529

Folks just updated the dev version, please check and provide some feedback

URL: http://snow.q2amarket.com/

Wooww .. Thats great news @Jatin . Thanks a lot .
you are most welcome.
[Update] [q-list] Question Lists for most device. Please check all question list in your device/s if it works properly.

Fix Sidebar issue: Move sidebar at the bottom (after content area) for desktop
Fix Menu for mid size where it was showing open in stake.
Change menu width to 100% for mobile device
How many RTL users are there for SNOW THEME ONLY. How much you can wait for RTL version???

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Jatin can you make the menu bar as sticky bar. As well as elongate the footer so that more widgets can be added there. As well as some space for website description in the main space instead of sidebar, like most of the themes are providing now a days. Rest all your themes are worth a watch. So I'll be waiting for your next work.
Sticky Menu:

The menu bar is going to be sticky of course. This is not good news for people who don't like that, so I may give an option to make it sticky.

Widget Area:

The widget system is based on all registered places in the core. So core widget may not be available for footer. However I will see the core and if able to register footer area for widget I will do and send pull request to Scott and he will decide either implement or not. But I can create dedicated widgets to footer.

Description Space:

This can be done by adding separate home page or at the top of the content area. I need to find better space to do this. If you have any idea or reference feel free to share with me.
When I'll get to know something about description space I'll definitely convey to you.
But one thing I'll surely say that you should add something moving in this theme. Like at a place latest 5 or 10 questions are scrolling up or right to left or left to right.
In short something should be added in theme that could make the new snow theme way better. The theme should not look like a stagnant Web page, where nothing is happening on its own. But something something should be seen moving so that website should look that it's communicating to the user on its own.
i really agree with you on this one. Maybe a recent questions slider or a question slider where you can specify the number and type of questions that should slide
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Update: 2

Just done topbar section for both desktop and mobile. Here are few shots from Galaxy.







That would be geat if you folks can just cross check on your devices and desktop just to make sure things are going well.

Moto G. Chrome browser. Kit-kat. The sidebar menu is not working. Great theme btw!
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Does it open and close or not even that? If it is the issue with many than I might need to re-write the scripts for menu. Or may be as you said slide down menu. Butthe only issue with slide down menu is occupy entire vertical space when oopen and have to scroll down to close (in case don't select any item), wile in the side menu close button stays on the screen.

The sidebar area needs to be done and also I'm thinking to move to right (out of the screen, same as the menu).

Not working at all or any specific issue?
Nothing happens when I click. The login button is working perfectly.
Some more updates.....Question View (q-view) page. Make sure it is not 100% done yet but very soon in next update. http://snow.q2amarket.com
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Login button on iOS 7.1 seems different


Just wondering me why IOS devices getting trouble! Anyways, I will fix it soon. Thanks for help.
... also the button in the left corner doesn't work :( When I am press it nothing happens, it just highlighted and after few seconds highlightning dissappears. I am testing on iPhone 4S.
So I think this is the same issue as other reported for IOS. Actually I am anti-apple person :p but I think I have to have it now at least for the testing purpose. Let me try to find the resolution for the issue. Thanks again.
Thanks! :) Will wait for new Snow :)
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More updates on Snow 1.4 please check it out. The update is done for QA List. which is almost done for all major devices and sizes.

I may post some mobile shots tomorrow.
Hi Jatin, Is it possible to download Snow responsive theme for testing?
Sorry.. it is not in that stage for testing.  Also it won't be available to download but once done, than will be included/replaced with the existing Snow theme in the package.

You can test done part at dev site.