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Q2A URL Customizer is a free plugin developed to provide more URL customization for questions.


  • remove unwanted words from URL
  • plugin comes with a list of common english words
  • uppercase words based on options selected by admin

SEO benefits:

URLs will be shorter, also by removing common words URLs will have richer keywords. Search engines love short URLs and with common words removed, if someone posts a link to a question(with link's target as title) it will have more keywords.

changing URLs wont have a negative effect SEO on your site, because all questions are redirected to question ID. so it's safe to use this plugin.

this project was created based on an idea by Dave who suggested it on our IdeaBox. if you have any cool ideas for creating new themes and plugins, feel free to send them to Q2A IdeaBox. it might just be our next free product.

Best Regards, Towhid


Q2A version: developed for Q2A 1.6
Great Plugin. Thank you very much for you for published very useful free plugin and also thank Dave for his excellent idea. I really want to use this plugin and before that I have a problem, If I will add this plugin will it change my previous questions URLs? Is there any option to use this plugin for selected questions only? And what is the mean of "Enable URL Capitalization? Thanks again.
thanks. URL capitalization options include:
capitalize first letter, like: /33567/New-plugin-url-customizer
capitalize all words first letter: /33567/New-Plugin-Url-Customizer
capitalize all words, like: /33567/NEW-PLUGIN-URL-CUSTOMIZER
I personally see no point in using this option, but it had been requested before, so I added this feature to plugin.

also it's easily possible to add a code to this plugin to check post's date and apply customizations on new questions. but changing question URL doesn't damage Q2A site's SEO and won't generate any 404 errors. so I decided to keep plugin simple and not add this feature.
Thank you very much for your complete and quick answer.

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ScreenShot of plugin options:

example after enabling plugin:


changed to:


I picked word's list from Better SEO Slugs plugin for wordpress: word list file. it's credit belongs to them. I also added and removed a few words to make it more compatible with nature of Q&A sites.