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Hello everyone.

I have a problem trying to install Q2A to my site.

PS : I have did it to my old hosting (free one) and was everything great , also everything is okay i can install via localhost.

Now i got problems to do it via my godaddy server. I did it everything correctly but when it goes to Create Database Including User Managment i cant move to next step.Nothing appers after clicking there.

Last log from error_log.

[11-Jun-2014 00:59:37 UTC] PHP Question2Answer MySQL query error 1146: Table 'quee_db.qa_options' doesn't exist - Query: (SELECT 'options' AS selectkey, title, content FROM qa_options) UNION ALL (SELECT 'time', 'db_time', UNIX_TIMESTAMP(NOW()))
Q2A version: Latest one

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Probably you have installed some third-party plugins in the qa-plugins directory before the db has been setup.

These plugins are trying to access to the qa_options table before it is created.

Remove any third party plugins (those not coming with the default q2a distribution) and try to exec again the setup process.
I am feeling retired , tried a lot of ways but cannot find the way to do it , i wish somebody from developers of Q2A can find me a way to do it.
Checking directly on your website the error is a "406 not acceptable", due to mod_security. Have you contacted your hosting provider ? The rule that blocks the http request (originated by the click on the install button) should be disabled
They say they have no permissions to give me permission to edit mod_security in shared hosting but they let me to do tricks in my .htaccess.

I disabled the mod_security via .htaccess and still didnt worked.
If they are using mod_security v. 2, it is not possible to disable it using the .htaccess file , but the directives have to be included in the apache vhost section.
You should talk with godaddy about this issue.
I do not know if on cpanel you are able to modify it by yourself (some hosting providers give this possibility : http://www.inmotionhosting.com/support/website/modsecurity/disable-mod-security-via-modsec-manager )
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Thanks for the responde.

Ofcourse the user have privileges to create tables , but in shared hosting of godaddy cannot give super-privileges to a user.

I talked with the departament and they say the user have priviliges to create tables.