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Hi there!

I just installed the question2answer platform on my website but my facebook login is not working...

Here's the credentials I inserted on:

app domain: pulseframe.cf

FB url from the site: http://www.pulseframe.cf/

FB mobile url: none


and on my website my prefered url is:


check it by yourself if you can log in. because I can't :S
Q2A version: latest

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Check that CURL is working
By the way, I do not see any FB login button on your site
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I removed it because it was not working...
I submited my app for review but in my facebook's login section review instructions, I got this error: http://postimg.org/image/8sq2akxm7/
what should I do?
need help please
For login you do not have to ask for a review if you are using the default basic permissions. Have a look here :
this is driving me crazy... :S
ok so I added the facebook plugin again. check out what it does.
It shows the applicantion permission request but then,when I accept it, it desapear and do nothig literally. then always I want to log in, the pop up opens but closes like within miliseconds
Follow these troubleshooting steps :
and tell me what happens
I'm even more confused...
I don't even have a doc folder or sort of on the question2answer zip file that I downloaded like refered on this:

put this file :
in your q2a docroot and invoke it.
Does the section "Curl" exist ? (search the string "curl" on the page)
If yes, post it here please.
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I did everything right on facebook app and all, what is missing?!
on site URL I putted the: http://pulseframe.cf/ like it's on my prefered URL. and on domain I putted pulseframe.cf
The instructions you gave are kinda vague, I don't know where to look, or if I should have a folder called "doc" in my public_html,I don't know ifit is to create one, I don't know where to look on the apache error log file thingy, i don't know where curl is......