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I have developed the breadcrumb plugin for q2a which helps in Better SEO and easy navigation . That supports all q2a pages and can be translated into all supported languages . 

It is available for free now . Download it here

What is a breadcrumb in websites ?

A “breadcrumb” is a type of secondary navigation scheme that reveals the user’s location in a website or Web application.

Why We Need a Breadcrumb Plugin for a QA WebSite - 

The most improtant thing is Better SEO

According to SEO Experts , if you are maintainning a huge website then you should take care of making it better organized and Easy navigation .

No doubt the QA sites are really big having 500+ pages of questions (usually almost all) and well structured with Categories and Tags . And This breadcrumb plugin will give you better accessibility and Navigation for your website . 

From a search engine point of view; Google actually displays the breadcrumbs in the search results giving you more links in each search listing, which is a positive thing. It Provides another mechanism to highlight important keywords for the search engines to note in your navigation.

Also it adds content relevancy to your pages and adds on-page SEO emphasis that highlights specific anchor text rich linking to internal pages.

Click here to download all screenshots . 

To sum up, these are the features of the breadcrumb plugin :

  • Supports all q2a pages , plugin pages and also all costum pages with beatiful icons 
  • Option to choose weather to display the home link or not 
  • Option to truncate the Question title 
  • Option to enable / disable the last elemet link 
  • Option to enable / disable the icons 
  • CSS customization
  • Very simple installation:
  1. Copy the plugin folder in the qa-plugin folder
  2. Go to Admin -> Plugins section -> Choose required options and click save 
  3. Go to Admin -> Layout -> Breadcrumbs - add widget -> then add the widget to a proper position 
  • Full internationalization support: Every piece of text the plugin uses can be translated to other language . 

How much it costs you ??


You can download the full version from the store - http://q2astore.com/product/breadcrumbs/


  1. Added Spanish language support by Alvarofg
  2. Bug fix for #3 and #4 (please refer to github repo for detailed info)


Q2A version: 1.6.3
Just sent you the German translation for the Plugin. Thanks for making it open source.
Thanks a lot for the language file . I have added to github
nice work, Ami :)
Thank you @igael

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I installed Q2A Breadcrumbs - v1.1  plugin on my q2a site.  It is working fine. This is the one of the greatest plugins I found on this q2a community. You have solved one of the burning problem of q2a community with this plugin. This plugin is really useful and it fulfills the one major blank of q2a platform. 

Once I have asked a question regarding on this topic and received quick and good answer from jatin.soni.


But I did not try that method because of my poor coding knowledge.

Dear amiyasahu, sorry I couldn't pay for this wonderful plugin which is should be paid. I am here because this is a free q2a platform.

Anyway Thank You very much amiyasahu and I wish you all the success.

Thanks @rgd . I am glad that it is useful to you . :) . Cheers .
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Great idea .... looking forward for the theme
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Q2A Breadcrumb Version 1.0 has been released  .
what about free ver
Hi @Sardor , This plugin the result of long hours of hard work by our team , So unable to publish this for free . There is no FREE version for this plugin . Thats why kept the rate low so that it will be suitable for everyone's pocket . By the 9.99$ is not much if you see the features and benefits you are getting for your website . Thank you .
You're not a man of your word - empty man
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Awesome plugin, but I feel things as basic as these should be released as free plugins. This is how open source platforms grow big. Anyways, I can implement a free version of the plugin without any bloat and useless feature - just the basic breadcrumbs which are clean and it simply does the job. If any one of you is interested, do upvote this answer - if it receives decent number of upvotes I will implement it and release it for free! If you need customisations / advanced versions, you can buy amiyasahu.com's plugin.
+1 sir. I dont need it but clearly other users here are interested.
+1 . It would be better if a free version will be available for this .
@dkd903 , @Tilt , @roberta . The plugin is now free and opensource . Enjoy :)
great job man
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Decided to make this plugin as opensource . I hope it will be useful to everybody . 

The new version is added with a options to add CDN link for font aswome icons , for faster page loading . 


Feel free to report a bug if you find any here - https://github.com/amiyasahu/q2a-breadcrumbs/issues 


Thanks for you Love and suport . Put your website link here if it works for you . smiley

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Great to hear that you made this plugin free Amiya. I have applied it on all of my q2a websites and it works beautifully. Great work bro.
Thanks for your review . I am glad that it is useful to you .
You do great plugins thanks for sharing.
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How i add Breadcrumb after Menu links. Thanks.


menu links in the sence ??

If want something like the picture above then set the wiget position - Full Width Below Navigation . But I would recommend to give like Main Area Below title . This looks good on Snow theme .

Hope it helps
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1- I took a quick look at your code, great work like i said in my commnent. but there is one thing that I dont understand!

is that why you had to re-defined that many terms in your  (qa-breadcrumbs-lang-default.php) where may are already available at the default language of q2a core?



           "tags"         => "Tags" ,
            "tag"          => "Tag" ,
            "users"        => "Users" ,
            "user"         => "User" ,
            "ask"          => "Ask a Question" ,
            "save_changes" => "Save Changes" ,


arent they eredundant with the q2a  default language file?


2- There is a tiny bug which needs to be addressed:

It displays category slug instead of category name!!

to reproduce

1- at yourdomain.com /index.php?qa=admin&qa_1=categories create a category and name it "Category one two three"

2- goto categorirs page at yourdomain.com/index.php?qa=categories where each category with its number of questions lister

3- click on the question number which gets you to the category page

4-there you will see instead of the category name that you oroginally entered the category slug is being displyed

Hi Waterfr villa ,
the duplicate languages are intentional . Suppose some one wants to change the langs in only breadcrumb i.e he wants the "Ask a Question" to be displayed as "Post a question" . Then he can do it from the language file instead of change teh core lang files . So it will be useful for somebody who need .

Yah the "Save Changes" is duplicate . I will remove in the next version .
Thanks for the reporting the category slug bug . I did not noticed it . I will do the fix in next version . Also I have few code changes for this in my mind . I will do once I finish the Donut theme development .

Thanks for the help , Again :)
Great! and of course that theme is so needed, whoever introduces a finished responsive theme will be the next hero of q2a community :)
@Waterfr Villa , This bug has been fixed . Download the latest version and let me know if this works fine .
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It's fantastic that you've released this open source and when I.7 is ultimately released I will implement this plugin following your explanation of the benefits etc. It sounds to me like it would have been worth the $9+ and I'd consider a donation if you provide a path/option?

I (and many others no doubt?) are waiting anxiously for 'Donut' and wish you the best of  luck with it... Responsive themes are sorely needed these days. As are 'affordable' if not free plugins... Keep up the good work!
Hi Funrunna , Thanks for your intrest .
I have sent you an email with my paypal id , where you can pay what ever you like .
This helps us being more creative and develop more .

Thanks Again :) .
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This is a very usefull plugin... I love it...

One question: when I add this under "ask a question box", under the breadcumb there is white space appearing, how can I get rid of that space?

@truthonlytruth , Thanks :) . I am glad that it is useful to you .

This line of code is responsible for this space - https://github.com/amiyasahu/q2a-breadcrumbs/blob/master/css/breadcrumbs-styles.css#L4

Reduce this right side value(20px) as per your requirement . It should work for you .
you are the best...
Thank you for your hard work and generosity...
Thanks :) .....
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One more question:

When you click a category, breadcumb is displaying URL instead of Category name like this

Category name: 2000 Model Ford Cars

Home > 2000-Model-Ford-Cars

It suppose to be

Home> 2000 Model Ford Cars

Isn't it?

Same thing when you click a question the last thing is question title, it is not the URL (This case it is CORRECT) I am giving you this just an example
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Yeah , Thats a small bug already addressed by Waterfr Villa (See above answer) . That will be fixed in next minor version . Noted this issue .
sorry, man I should have read that... :)
Hi again,
Should I disable the plugin until you fix this problem? or keep using it?
I am wondering if it affects SEO?
Completely depends on you . I dont think it will affect much .
ok thanks... :)
@truthonlytruth , This bug has been fixed . Download the latest version and let me know if this works fine .
Do you have a demo, because it is not wokring on my side... Still URL is displaying
Couple thing, I have deleted the old plugin and widget and uploaded the new version and recreated the widget.... Still same Not fixed...
dont have enough time to make a demo for this . It works fine on my machine . Make sure the latest commits exists in the plugin and if still you are facing the issue email me the screenshot .
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Some language bits are missing (not in your lang file) or maybe not connected to the main lang file:

  1. Account 
  2. Wall
  3. Updates
  4. Favorites
  5. Answers