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In admin/spam, what is the difference between:

Request confirmation of user emails


All new users must confirm their email


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Since this feature is complex, my answer may not be accurate.

My understanding:

  • Condition1 = Request confirmation of user emails
  • Condition2 = All new users must confirm their email
  1. Condition1 = 0 && Condition2 = (any)
    => Registered email is not sent.
  2. Condition1 = 1 && Condition2 = 0
    => Registered email without activation link is sent. *1
  3. Condition1 = 1 && Condition2 = 1
    => Registered email with activation link is sent. *2

    *1: Welcome mail
    *2: Activation mail

However, these things are applied only to new users (Existing users do not apply).

Thanks @sama55, as this is very complex, do you have an idea what is the thought behind it.  i.e. what is it trying to do - I find it extremely confusing. Thanks!
Condition1 = Request confirmation of user emails

Based on the logic @sama55 provided, why not simply write it as:

Condition1 = "Send welcome message to user"?

But then I don't know why you would NOT want to send welcome message.  Why that option, we always like to send a welcome message.

Idea: So, set "Request confirmation of user emails" to true, and just hide it?
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Ok, here is what I think is happening.  Feedback?


Request confirmation of user emails:  Send an email to user to confirm their email

All new users must confirm their email: If clicked YES, then users would be able to post once they confirmed their email.  If NO, then they can post even if they have not confirmed.


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there are 2 cases and implicit conditions

* when one user changes his mail , must QA verify it ?

* if not, must at least QA verify the address of a new user ?

default falls on all verifications on