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Social Network Profiles is a premium non-free plugin that allows users to customize their profiles by adding other social networks they use. For example, users could link to their Facebook or Twitter page.

Plugin features include:

  • Display a dynamic and modern web component that contains the contact information for the user
  • Allow users to update their information in an easy to use popup
  • Allow admins to customize what social networks will users be able to update in their profiles
  • Allow admins to configure how the web component will display each social network
  • New social networks can be added, provided the user has basic PHP and CSS knowledge

To further understand what the plugin does take a look at this profile page:

In the image above a user has added 4 social networks to their profile. The social networks are displayed in a dynamic way:

In order to configure them, the user just needs to edit their profile and, from there, they will access the following popup:

The user just needs to select the social network and then add their handle. Note that the admins can limit which social networks will be displayed from the admin section:

An additional feature to take into account is that the plugin is prepared to allow new social networks. This means with a minimal amount of PHP and CSS code, custom networks can be added. This is particularly useful for site owners that own multiple sites.

In case you were looking for additional profile customizations you can also take a look at the Profile Customizer plugin.

If you are interested in reading more about the plugin you can check the plugin page. There, you'll find some additional features, screenshots and how to order it. You can also find a plugin demo here.

at last you released it... you are making some of the most awesome plugin... :)
Cool. However if your plugin is linked with Q2A core, you can not declare proprietary license on your plugin.
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Indeed you made a good point. I've always thought about not depending on GPL based libraries when developing plugins but the core is itself GPL licensed! So does calling a single core function make the code depend on the core? Now that you mentioned, I definitely think so! So basically any plugin ever made for Q2A needs to be GPL-compliant. No other possible way due to the copyleft nature. So you could charge for a addons but anyone who buys them will also get a copy of the license and will be able to redistribute them at no cost.

Which leads to the question: if you were aware of this, why haven't you licensed all your plugins in a GPL-compliant way? Probably, I'm missing something here. Anyway, I guess this requires a different thread to be discussed...

More info here: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-faq.html#GPLAndPlugins
Your recognition is correct. Indeed, GPL licensed program might be re-distributed by users that you gave your program. This risk is the same for me. However, because GPL is those things, we have to accept it.

> ... discussion in another thread
I agree. Since many users misunderstood GPL. We should do it. I think scott also might have misunderstood it.
Nice plugin .. +1
"Allow users to update their information in an easy to use popup" - Have you tried it on a mobile? Mostly popups get messed up there.

For the GPL:

Plus we had a big discussion about it in this forum, that I cannot find currently.
Yes, I have tested on mobiles devices and it works perfectly fine.

Regarding the licenses we're discussing this in more detail here: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/46924

Note the question you've linked doesn't focus on distribution of derivative works but rather site usage.
Hi Gabriel, This is nice plugin. can you make similar for question  sharing.
There are already a couple of options around for question sharing. I don't think adding another plugin would add value to the community. Anyway, I guess you mean you'd like to see the visual effect for sharing questions. If that is the case, and anyone is interested in working in such a plugin, the code for that component for the visual effect I used is published in my GitHub account: https://github.com/pupi1985/classysocial
As I understand the plugin shows the Social Media Details and hence won't interfere with other plugins like Open-login or social-share, right?
@Pupi Is there a page where I can see all your plugins? :)
I don't want to say the plugin will not interfere with any of those plugins as I'm not the developer of any of them. However, I can confirm my plugin does not change or even read any data related to login. This plugin just saves new pieces of data and reads them, the same way as any other custom field would.

The list of all my plugins is in my profile: https://www.question2answer.org/qa/user/pupi1985

You can see all the non-free plugins in action in the demo site: http://q2a-pupi1985.herokuapp.com/31?show=41#a41
Thank you :) but the app is not working
Just try an hour later. The free plan has a ridiculous query limit amount per hour :P

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