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1- this community is no longer active

2- the CMS is not MVC based

3- is so slow

Please suggest me a better QA CMS

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  1. If you have development skill, you can fork.
  2. Some exceptions exist. But, you will understand this system is made along MVC model by observing well source program.
  3. I've seen a lot of CMS. Q2A "core" is relatively fast. At least until V1.6.3. Cause you feel slow, it might be something other than the core. For example, hardware(Web server/DB, addons (theme/plugins).
Sama55 - You will back to q2a development? your plugins was so cool !
Thanks Piotr. When the development organization of Q2A is getting better, I might come back. But, as everyone think so, now state is no good.
@sama55 why do you mean about the development organisation?
@sama55, I know you are one of the best developer who can take Q2A to level similar to  Wordpress today. Please discuss with Gideon, Scott and help community.
I worried about decline of Q2A development in last year. Therefore, I discussed with Gideon, Scott, Pupi, and others in last year.  I suggested two things.
1. Changing development style by team.
2. Changing development leader to Pupi.
Unfortunately, these proposal did not realize. If they change something at last year, now of Q2A community would be more active.
@sama55 I'm not sure that's necessarily true, since pupi has been fairly inactive for the past year. But he is active again, as I will soon be, so hopefully we can make some good progress.

I'm not sure exactly what a "team" is supposed to achieve. People can contribute already, whether or not they are given an arbitrary status. If you contribute, you're part of the team.
@sama55 let us all work together to improve this community.

@scott, please post what features you are planning in upcoming release so that others can help for those.
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Hello, Q2A developer here.

1. I can't speak for everyone else, but I've been incredibly busy with paid work so I've had very little time to do any development and discussion in the past few months. But I should have more time soon!

In terms of the community, be the change you want to see. Get involved where you can, answer questions, make plugins, help report & fix bugs, improve documentation, etc.

2. Actually it is. MVC means Model-View-Controller, it's a paradigm regarding separating of concerns. Q2A separates those concerns pretty well - the controllers are separate (in qa-include/pages/), the various functions are separated and categorised fairly well, and views/theming is separate from all that. I'm not saying Q2A does it perfectly, but it pretty much follows the definition.

You may be talking about using OOP (Object-Oriented Programming). And it's true, Q2A falls down here. But I'm slowly migrating the codebase to a more modern format while trying to keep backwards compatibility where possible.

3. The next version (1.8) has taken some big steps forwards in performance, but it's always been pretty fast anyway in my experience. If you're having problems please post some specifics and I'll see what I can do to help.

Please wait for some days. I'm trying to do it.
@Scott , please make some co-operation with @sama55.  He is REALLY good developer , he want to work with You, so please, let's talk with him. Q&A needs his knowledge ! :-)
"I saw HTML codes inside PHP"
There are some exceptions, but pretty much all the HTML is output via the theme (e.g. qa-theme-base.php or qa-theme/<name>/qa-theme.php override). Those files do output via PHP but technically so does any theme engine like Laravel's Blade. I've been looking at using a templating engine like Twig though.

In terms of answering your questions, I try to answer some questions when I can but I rely on the community to pick up the slack and do what they can. And oftentimes a question would need a lot of time to answer which I'd rather spend on Q2A itself.
Fair enough. On another note, don't you think this question below has to be addressed in the core dev? making wysiwig available to all editors, whether wall post or private message ?

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Scott is busy with his paid work so he is getting less time for Q2A development and he is doing everything(development and testing etc). Gideon is now not involved in any development of Q2A. Considering this, here is my proposal to get Q2A working back. We all need to get involved to improve this community!


  • Plan to release new version of Q2A every 4 month, so 3 releases per year. 4 month is enough time to test and develop new features.
  • Choose different or same Team Leads for each release so that one person will not have load of work. Whoever is free for next 4 month can be lead.

Team Structure.

Team Lead

  • Responsible for the release of new version of Q2A.
  • Work with all other leads(Development, UI Design, Apps and Test Lead) and follow up on all work. Make sure everything is working fine.
  • Team Lead and development team will decide about new features based on community feedback.
  • One point contact for community questions about new release.
  • Can be same or different person for each release of new Q2A version.
  • He should not be involved in coding, just responsible to get everything done.

Development Lead

  • Responsible for the review of each code change done by team members.
  • Development lead can add new features but his code changes must be reviewed by someone else.
  • All members of development team should review each others code for improvement.
  • This teams focus will be only to develop new features.
  • Development lead can be same or diff person for each release.

UI Design Lead

  • Work on theme and user experience.
  • come up with new ideas to improve design of Q2A and make user friendly.
  • This teams focus will be only on look and feel of Q2A.
  • Design lead can be same or different person for each release.

Android/iOS Apps Lead

  • Responsible for the development of apps for Android and iOS
  • Manage code on GitHub and support Q2A site owners.
  • Test app and release code.
  • App releases can be independent of Q2A version.
  • Can be same or diff person for each release.

Test Lead

  • Test new features of Q2A.
  • Test user interface, theme, mobile interface and reports issues.
  • Do regression testing of Q2A.
  • Responsible for demo site.
  • Test Lead can be same or different person for each release.

Please let me know your views about this.

Sure, would love to see some Q2A team up and running :) Meanwhile I have a couple more plugins in pipeline for Q2A. Hope to make them live before Q2A 1.8.
I am ready to be part of Development community. With background of Java, .net MVC & Android, I may take a while to pickup PHP (have a very basic experience with it).
Could any existing developers could brief me & walk-through code base for a kick-start?
I agree with your suggestion :)
I know all the developer like scott and others always busy with paid project ,, but you know, if Q2a always active all the developer  can earn money from this community .. like wordpress ..

 I only have 3 suggestions , hope it will improve this community :

1. make 2 or 3 team for project update core ,,  so every 4/6 month will release new version ..

2. the team who not take a project update core on these periode , can take another project like hiring developer or  make a free ,trial or premium plugin/theme .  add page section for hiring developer on this site ,, so the member can contact the developer more easily.

3. just make one , yes.. only one official store for all plugin/theme ,. so all developer who make a plugin or theme ,, should upload his file on the official store ..
so this community will look professional and always active ..

just like I said before , if you want to earn money on this community . just make sure this community always active , which always released new version. and always have a lot new plugin/theme. so the member will come to this community .
So no progress here?
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I read Your posts here and... here is my conclussion: I think You should work on paid plugins to deliver premium abilities and functions for users. I'm interested to pay for new plugins, posiibly...every month ;) And I think I'm not the only one ;) So - let's prepare for us new plugins. Of course, free plugins sometimes are great (and sometimes You should release something for free... ;) ), but we know, that You want to earn something too. If You'll prepare new plugins, which offer new abilities, I will pay for this for sure.

Here is my site on q2a - www.fandoms.pl . For example I'm searching for:
- new content plugins, like quizz plugin from q2apro
- new abilities plugins, like great notifications pro and points trade pro from sama55
- community plugins - groups for users, chat like messenger etc.
- new possibilities to earning points by users

If You want to prepare new plugins like this above, I'm fully interested to pay for this. I can spent 100-200$ for new plugins every month. It's not very much, I know, but if there's maybe 10 people like me, it's ~1000-2000$ every month. If here's 100 people, it's 10000-20000$ budget posibility ! Q2A needs PREMIUM plugins. Really. and PREMIUM THEMES, because this available now is very simple and too simple to build serious, popular sites on q2a.

Q2A is VERY good CMS . It's possible to grow this as wordpress ! But YOU must make a decision to do this. I believe, You can do this :)
@pupi1985 Q2A premium plugins are not like wordpress plugin. Premium plugin should give basic functionality for free and then charge for premium features. That way people can make money to support them-self and also many users will try their plugin.
1- Fair enough, but no one will contribute that much, cus this script is not there to make us any money ( lack of RESTful service to create app and mostly our fault too)
Also why not to start by selling the script for $50, $100 or something?  i know it is nothing compare to its expenses but it starts to create the culture around it that people have to pay.

2- I am sure if i pay 50,000 to you to implement this script, your work would not be better that this script. Open source concepts are good because so many users contribute in testing. Also multiple developers can also contribute in development

3- the fact the Gidden wants this script to remain %100 free no longer makes any sense! Developers need money. Devs make money from their scripts on Code Canyon
2- I never said I would write Q2A from scratch. I said I would work on Q2A more time. That means my work WILL be better than the script as the result will be the script PLUS my work. E.G.: here you can see the last pull request I made a couple of days ago that provides the ability for users to disable plugins: https://github.com/q2a/question2answer/pull/453 . There you have several hours of my life for free :)
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7 years here.I dont use q2a anymore but still visiting from time to time hoping to see this software develop and move forward :)