Welcome to the Question2Answer Q&A. There's also a demo if you just want to try it out.
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We know many people are interested to see how Q2A v1.8 look like. Here is demo site. feel free to explore.


If you find any issues then report here

Here is screenshot of Cache feature in new version of Q2A

Q2A version: 1.8
The directory defined as QA_CACHE_DIRECTORY is not writable by the web server.
What is the solution
create dir outside your public_html dir and define that dir in qa-config.php file. If you are not able to create dir then contact your web hosting provider.
create folder cache outside the file directory
 Add define ( 'QA_CACHE_DIRECTORY', 'cache'); In qa-config.php
Is there an error
> Add define ( 'QA_CACHE_DIRECTORY', 'cache'); In qa-config.php

There is issue with this command, it means your cache dir is inside q2a instance. It needs to be outside.

Lets says your q2a website is in dir /var/www/public_html/myqa, then create cache dir in /var/www/myq2acache, this dir will be at public_html level.

Then in change below line to
define('QA_CACHE_DIRECTORY', '/var/www/myq2acache/');

It should work. let me know if you still face issue.
He's working
Thank you very much

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Are you fun with us :P

http://demo18.question2answer.info/admin/stats i check you use 

Its Look like 1.7.4

added screenshot of cache feature. This feature is available in v1.8.
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It is latest code from GitHub, you will see version info changed when v1.8 is released. You can see last patch present in admin->recaptcha plugin