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Finally finished the Category Wise Experts Plugin. This plugin provides a widget that shows the top scoring users per category (even for subcategories) on the question pages (any question listing within a category).

Admin Option to Disable/Enable. 


Q2A version: 1.8
You are welcome :)

"And have the option to put the list in this order (best answers)."
It is not difficult, but adding as an option is difficult as the mouseover also requires change then. Just adding "order by aselects" would give the list in the order you want - so you can modify the code.

"On your site the widget is only displayed on the question pages of the category"
Actually, it is shown on all pages - Unanswered, activity, hot and Question Pages.
Sorry, I was referring to this page:

I have now seen what is displayed on the activity page, thank you.
Oh. Thanks for telling. I had forgot to turn it on for QA page.
nice plugin!

Is it possible to shows experts page like users page? so that we can list experts in all categories.

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I'm on v1.7.4 and for some reason the database initialization button lead me to a blank page during installation but I managed to work it out by creating the table manually like so:

create table if not exists qa_catpoints
  `categoryid` int(11) NOT NULL,
  `userid` int(11) NOT NULL,
  `points` int(11) DEFAULT 0,
  `netvotes` int(11) DEFAULT '0',
  `aselects` int(11) DEFAULT '0',
  PRIMARY KEY (`categoryid`,`userid`)

The calculated points are being pushed to the table but nothing is being displayed anywhere even though I've set it up to show in the side panel on all pages.

oh. I'll check. Sorry, forgot to mention- use the widget on main area- not side panel. In the admin panel you can recalculate the points as you had created the table manually. Probably the issue was timeout as the initial point calculation can take up to a minute.
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Well I've tried launching the DB initialization several times and waited for a minute or two before trying again but that didn't work. Recalculation is only taking a few seconds when I launch it btw.
Added it to "Main Area - Top" this time, on all available pages, and still nothing showing up :|
Oh. Is there entries in database table? Also, you are checking the question page of categories rt? The main page of questions wont display anything as no category is being selected.
Sure, I already mentioned it in the original post above. I can see new rows being generate so it's looking good.
Ah thanks for the hint, I can see it now!
oh. Then can you give me your site address to see?
I'm mostly working internally for now and haven't made any public release as such but will definitely let you know in a month or so once it goes public :)
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Yeah! I will check this asap - thanks ! :)
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I have strange problem. First I recalculated points and all was working good. But I truncate qa_catpoints table and change recalculation options (less points for selected answers for users) and after click on recalculation again there is no data in qa_catpoints table.

I changed recalculation files again to standard, without any modification and...it's not working too.

Is there any option to check is calculation needed or something like this? Where I can delete it and recalculate points again ? :)

Help, please ;)
Oh. You did a truncate and not drop rt? You can just drop the table and it should work. Let me know otherwise.
yes, dropped too. Table is created again, but no data after this. When someone log in, his points is added to table, but I can did some recalculate for all users. don't know why...
Even after table is deleted and created again, table wasn't populated? While creating the table, it should show if the queries are executed correctly - you saw them?