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Finally releasing plugin- Top Users per Month/Weekly [Free Plugin]

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asked Oct 24, 2016 in Plugins by arjunsuresh

This plugin adds 2 widgets- for monthly toppers and weekly toppers respectively. Also adds a page for monthly toppers listing.

  • Uses MYSQL event scheduler - this needs to be enabled. Hence no cronjob required.
  • Migrates userscores from Best-Users-per-Month free plugin which has a performance bug.
  • Weekly Scores are counted from the start of installation of plugin
  • If scoring rates are changed at anytime. the plugin data becomes invalid.
  • Based on feedback, a new version shall be made with more features.


Q2A version: 1.8
commented Oct 24, 2016 by arjunsuresh
Thanks. @Ada What's the issue - any error in log? Widgets are working?
commented Oct 29, 2016 by Bùi Lê Chí Bảo
Thanks for create this wonderful plugin, can it works with external user?
commented Oct 29, 2016 by arjunsuresh
You are welcome. Ideally it should as the table being used is userpoints one. But I have not checked it, do let me know if any issue comes.
commented Dec 8, 2016 by sorularimvar
Do we calculate the old points we added later?

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answered Oct 24, 2016 by q2a.info
I guess many people were waiting for this plugin, cool plugin!

if any of you are using this plugin then please review, it will help other.

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answered Oct 24, 2016 by fara
Nice plugin.

Does it support other calendars? Like jalali's calendar?
commented Oct 24, 2016 by arjunsuresh
Sorry. As of now only the default English calendar is added.
commented Oct 24, 2016 by fara
But as you said "Based on feedback, a new version shall be made with more features." So maybe you could consider this feature! :)
commented Oct 24, 2016 by arjunsuresh
I could. But calendar stuff is not something I'm aware of :O
commented Oct 24, 2016 by fara
reshown Oct 25, 2016 by fara
You could use this package http://jdf.scr.ir/download/
commented Oct 24, 2016 by arjunsuresh
I'm too weak in languages :O
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answered Oct 25, 2016 by Muyassar Fayziyeva

ERROR tupmevent

                insert into  qa_userscores (userid, points, date) select userid, points, CURDATE() as date from qa_userpoints order by userid asc;
            insert into qa_monthlytoppers (date, userid, points) select CURDATE() - interval 1 month as date, a.userid, a.points - COALESCE(b.points,0) AS mpoints from qa_userscores a, qa_userscores b where a.userid = b.userid and a.date = CURDATE() and b.date between (a.date - interval 35 day) and (a.date - interval 25 day)  group by a.userid,a.points,b.points  having mpoints>0;

commented Oct 25, 2016 by arjunsuresh
403 error.. If it is an image please upload here.
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answered Oct 26, 2016 by Piotr Baranowski
edited Oct 26, 2016 by Piotr Baranowski
Hey, Weekly scoring not working correctly.
After my week changed from 17-23.10 to 24-30.10 I see bad data in weekly scoring. It shows users ranking by all points from all time , not only one week, so I see bad ranking and I can't use Your plugin correct.

It's a bug AFTER one week. It works correctly for one week from installation, but after this, it shows completely bad data.

You can look how it's working on www.fandoms.pl on the right side in blocks area.
Any help , please? :)


--UPDATE: Now it's OK. You need to turn on event_scheduler, if anyone will have same problem in future ;)
commented Oct 26, 2016 by arjunsuresh
yes turning on event scheduler is mentioned on github page and is important.
And I suppose you tried the plugin code from before. Please do "git pull" as the final version updated the event to run at 00:00 on every week beginning.
commented Oct 26, 2016 by Piotr Baranowski
done, thanks :)
commented Oct 26, 2016 by arjunsuresh
You are welcome :)
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answered Nov 22, 2016 by Piotr Baranowski

How to show points from LAST week on site?

Is it some fast option to show this?
I don't need it as feature on my site, I need only to copy & paste to excel ranking my users from last week.

Can You help me, please? :)
commented Nov 22, 2016 by arjunsuresh
You may run this query and get them
select * from qa_weeklytoppers  where date like ''2016-11-14" order by points desc limit 20;
commented Nov 23, 2016 by Piotr Baranowski
hah, true :D I wasn't thought about it ;) thanks !:)
commented Nov 23, 2016 by Piotr Baranowski
edited Nov 23, 2016 by Piotr Baranowski
deleted this message - all it's working ok :)
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answered Apr 12, 2017 by Piotr Baranowski
@arjunsuresh - Are You interested to work on something custom, of couse paid job ? I need some custom plugin for rankings, points etc. Let me know !

commented Apr 12, 2017 by ProThoughts
@Piotr Baranowski, please share your ideas for rankings, points system. We can suggest Scott to implement that plugin.

We need badges kind of plugin for q2a, may be below plugin can be improved or rewrite new one.
commented Apr 13, 2017 by Piotr Baranowski
Hello :)
My site is specific, working like buzzfeed/playbuzz, not standard q&a .
Points system is like heart of my project .
My users collecting points for fanclubs, which they are represent . They need to choose one and all points collected in month is a part of all points for fanclub X .

For example:
User X choose fanclub A and collect 80 points
User Y choose fanclub A and collect 50 points
User X choose fanclub b and collect 90 points

So: Fanclub A collect 130 points and Fanclub B - 90 points. In this case in ranking Fanclub A has 1st place and fanclub B - 2nd .

This is what we did - some fanclub battles .

What is needed to do is:
- fanclub choose plugin, to offer users ability to choose to which fanclub they want to collect points
- fanclub ranking plugin, to show users standings and "charts" (like music) , which fanclub is the best and which places they took.

I think it's something custom and now I hired jatin.soni from q2amarket to develope this plugin for me, for cash of course . But if You want to do this and offer in standard of Q2A 1.8 we can discuss it of course :)
commented Apr 13, 2017 by ProThoughts
@Piotr Baranowski, thanks for sharing your views. Please post details here or PM me. If those are general requirement then I will compose detail specs for implementation. I do have some ideas for this.
commented Apr 13, 2017 by arjunsuresh
Hi Piotr, Thank you. But unfortunately I'm busy with my regular work and cannot do PHP work for few months.
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answered Aug 12 by rishav kumar singh
Why is top-users-month not showing any users initially?
commented Aug 14 by fahimalfarhan
Same here...........