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I know there are previous questions about removing the powered by and also theme design links at the bottom. I would like to remove these links but would prefer to do so by buying or donating to the q2a community and the theme designer.  I know it's recommended we keep these links but to me it just doesn't look professional having the links at the bottom on certain websites. Is there a way to buy or donate? Thanks
You seem to understand that you don't "have to" pay for removing the credits. However, I don't quite get why you are mixing both ideas:
 * If you want to remove the credits, then remove them and publish your site (100% legal and nobody will chase you)
 * If you want to make a donation, then do it (not sure how). However, if you're going to make a donation I guess it would be better for it to be made because you like Q2A rather than just removing a piece of HTML :)
Im not trying to mix the ideas, I just dont like using something that is "free" without somehow paying for it.  Most users leave the credit links at the bottom as their way of paying, but I would prefer to "donate/pay" money to remove the links instead of keeping the links there.  Id gladly rather pay money if this was a paid script, but it isn't.  Just my 2 cents, i've used other Q&A scripts that I have paid for but I like this "Free" script better.

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Q2A is open source so you're very welcome to remove the "powered by" as detailed in the related questions.

Ideally, the best contribution would be reporting bugs in the software and/or fixing bugs yourself by submitting pull requests on the GitHub repo.

If you really want to make a financial contribution I'd suggest donating to a plugin developer. There are several plugins and themes you can pay for, and others may have donation buttons (such as my plugins). See here for many existing plugins: http://docs.question2answer.org/addons/
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As Scott & pupi1985 said, Q2A and most of the theme and plugins released under GPL.

You are free (legaly) to edit any part of code of the products. If you are keeping the credit links on your website, it really helps the community / product to grow by spreading it's name which is really appreciated.

If you want to remove it for some reason, then feel free to do so. No one is going to chase you for doing this.

If you want to make a donation to support the development, you are welcome. It would be very encouraging. If you would like to make a donation for Donut theme, please PM me.