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I need  a user group functionality. Can somebody develop it/ direct me to the right source/ company

Test requirements

  1. User groups can be added to the system.

    1. Groups can be setup to automatically approve any user.

    2. Only (system)admins can create groups.

  2. Users can be assigned to one or multiple groups

    1. Initial assignment should be done manually by user. This features is to be amended by SSO to check the appropriate groups for them.

    2. Group assignment must be approved. (Either automatically or by admin of group)

  3. Questions can be targeted to groups

    1. this means they get a higher priority in listing (in searching priority is disabled). This is very similar to starring question in the “Featured question” plugin for Q2A.

  4. Visibility of questions can be restricted to groups.

Go live requirements

  1. Initial group assignment can be done automatically through the SSO system. This can follow from info student/employee, faculty, registered courses.

  2. Every group has one or more group administrators.

  1. Admin can add admins to groups

  2. Admins assign and approve users to groups

Nice to haves

  1. Anybody can create groups and becomes that groups admin.

Hi Maastricht,

Did you get something related to the above. I need a similar feature in my site.

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